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the gravity defying CORKSCREW

I remember as a kid traveling to Knott's Berry Farm where I rode my first upside down roller coaster, the Corkscrew. It seemed so scary back then.  Well the Corkscrew has moved north to Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho, and it still brings terror to many children and adults too. With its huge first drop of about 39ft. and its corkscrew, the ride is 19 seconds from top of the first hill to brakes. The club tried to yell our name down the first drop but it was so small we only had time to yell "WILD". Anyway as a historian I appreciate the historical significance of the first upside down coaster of the modern era.  The coaster is still in really good shape, thanks to Knott's for taking such good care of it, and is much, much smoother than many of the other Arrow coasters I have ridden.

Review written by Coaster Catfish

Look at that drop--HOLY COW!


Location-Silverwood Theme Park Designer-Arrow Dynamics


45 MPH

2 Inversions

Ride Time-1:10

Originally located at Knotts Berry Farm

600 Riders/Hour

48" Height Requirement


To Download an RCT2 version of the Corkscrew, click here

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