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The television commercials tell you, "The gift shop now stocks clean underwear."  So the question is, "Are you going to need them?"  That depends on how scared you get by traveling 60 MPH through 4 underground tunnels on a wild, wooden scream machine.  

Tremors is a simply incredible creation courtesy of the great folks at Custom Coasters International.  Their 1998 follow-up to the Timber Terror begins with a climb up an 85 foot tall lift hill.   From there, you round a corner and approach the first drop.  Down it goes underground before shooting up through the floor and out the side of the aptly named Shake, Rattle, & Roll gift shop. Tremors lift hill through the trees.

Melissa--hands up the whole way down!!!

You're in the open air for about 1 second before dropping into the 2nd of 4 underground tunnels. 

After a large twisting, bowl-like helix, you head into an outrun.  During this run the train comes to an area where a sign reads "Bridge out".  The "bridge" is nothing more than a painted piece of wood that appears to be cracked hanging from the track above.

The first helix turn.
When the train hits the far end of the track, it goes into a great dipping turn.  You hit a couple of bunny hops with great ejector airtime before dipping in and back out of the last 2 tunnels.

Bridge out!!!


Finally, the train hits the brakes and everyone can breath a sigh of relief.  You depart the train and head back into the gift shop.  There you can buy shirts, on ride photos, or just watch the next train of victims rip through the shop.  I was simply amazed by this coaster.  If you are looking for "floaty" airtime, this coaster is not for you; but if you are lookin' to get thrown around and have the crap beat out of you, get to Silverwood.  This is my personal favorite woodie and is on all the Wild Ones' top 5 lists.  And just for the record, it's a good thing they stock those underwear,   because I know I needed an extra pair when I got done.

Roarin' through the gift shop.          


Location-Silverwood Theme Park Designer-Custom Coasters, Int'l
Opened-May 15, 1999


First Drop-103'

60 MPH

2.5 G's

Ride Time-1:40

4 Underground Tunnels

48" Height Requirement (42" w/adult)

To Download Tremors on RCT2, click here.

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